About Us!

Hi.  We are Chris and Lori.  CnL Outdoors.   We believe in sustainability, practice Leave No Trace, and love the beauty of the outdoors.  Our story begins in the foothills of the Laurel Mountains in Western Pennsylvania and we know a few things about being outdoors.  We are travelers and not tourists! Adventurers, explorers, campers, grandparents, and most of all a small business you can trust.  We have been selling items virtually for 4 years, although it is in another industry we take that knowledge and experience with us and apply it to our little shop.  We take seriously your needs and wants so we strive to give you the best experience during your purchase that you can get.  We guarantee your satisfaction with our our  products 100%, if a product isn't what you expected please send it back to us and we will work diligently to make sure you are satisfied.  All of our products ship to you FREE in most cases, and will be delivered to your door in the shortest amount of time possible.  Thank you for visiting our site and your purchase in advance.  If you do it outdoors, we have the gear for you.  Happy Camping

Chris and Lori

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